Election to the Board of ESEE

To all ESEE Members

The 3-year term of office of three members of the ESEE Board ends this December.  ESEE members are  invited to use your democratic right to choose your new representatives or to reelect them.  Log in with your ESEE and ISEE login name and password and choose your representatives at .

We have received 5 nominations for 3 positions on the Board.  Information on the nominees is given on the election webpage.  The nominees are:

  • Nina Eisenmenger, ESEE Treasurer (Austria)
  • Timothy J Foxon, (UK)
  • Reinhard Madlener (Germany)
  • Olivier Petit (France)
  • Nuno Videira (Portugal)

 Please use your right to vote, which certainly strengthens the commitment of the ESEE Board. The ballot is open until 29. November, 24:00 CET. Information on the results will be available on the ESEE website by mid December.


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