Fulbright Scholar Program for US Faculty and Professionals for 2010-2011 is open

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers 105 awards in lecturing, research or combined lecturing/research in economics, including seven Fulbright Distinguished Chairs and the Middle East and North Africa Regional Research Program.  Even better, faculty and professionals in economics also can apply for one of the 144 “All Discipline” awards open to all fields.

What does Fulbright offer in economics?  Here are a few of the awards for 2010-2011:

Western Hemisphere: Award #0542 – Business Administration and Economics in Jamaica; Award #0548 – Economics in Nicaragua; Award #0552 – Business Administration in Panama.

Middle East and Northern Africa: Award #0458 – Business Administration and Management in Oman; Award #0417 – Middle East/North Africa Regional Research; Postdoctoral research awards in Egypt and Israel.

Southern and Western Europe: Award #0222 – Business and Finance in Bulgaria; Award #0258 – Economics in Ireland; Award #0394 – Business Administration and Economics in Turkey; Award #0199 – Austrian Hungarian Joint Research Award; multiple awards pertaining to U.S. economics in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Northern and Eastern Europe: This region offers unique opportunities for specialists to conduct research on post-communist economic transitions or assist in the development of new economics and MBA programs. Opportunities exist in a broad range of specializations including finance, micro or macroeconomics (such as Award #0277 in Iceland), and econometrics.

Distinguished Chairs: Award #0032 – Fulbright-UCP Chair in International Commercial Trade and Business Law in Portugal; Award #0012 – Fulbright-Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration Distinguished Chair in Austria.

The application deadline is August 1, 2009.  U.S. citizenship is required.  This posting is closed.


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