New SKIL Video: How Much Degrowth Is Enough?

SKIL has developed another media, video, to help people realize that we are underestimating the human predicament, overestimating our abilities to muddle through, and leaving our children and their children a very rough road to travel.

The “Too Many People” video series can be found on the front page of, and already has 15 segments. Click this link to see our newest video.

“How Much Degrowth is Enough”

In this video, instead of telling you about today’s problems, and tools to manage them, it partly answers the question, what does a peaceful sustainable civilization look like after we don’t have fossil and nuclear energy to support us. It suggests, that without a technology breakthrough, which provides boundless energy, this is the community we should work to create for our children.

The SKIL outreach projects this year, will be to bring these videos to your living room to open discussions with your friends. These meetings will be fun and provide valuable insight otherwise lacking from common discourse.


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