Nominations for INTECOL Board Positions

INTECOL is seeking nominations for positions on the Board.

If you are interested in running, contact

Candidates should provide a one-page summary, addressing each of the attached criteria. See the Call for Nominations, Criteria and the revised Statutes (below).

Criteria for Candidates for Board of INTECOL

Each Regional or national ecological society can nominate up to two candidates.

Each candidate should agree to stand for election to the INTECOL Board. Candidates should be familiar with the Code of Conduct in the revised INTECOL statutes.

Each candidate should provide a one to two-page summary addressing:

– Experience as an ecologist – ecology is complex, so we are seeking a demographically and disciplinarily diverse selection of members to best represent the frontiers of ecological research and practice.

– Experience and contribution to existing ecological societies (e.g. as a committee member).

– How they will address the following key issues and qualities:

  • Diversity and equality (including gender, age, regional and socio-economic representation)
  • Global ecological perspectives and thinking
  • Global representation (Board members should act in their own right rather than representing their own society interests)
  • Innovation and strategic thinking
  • Commitment and willingness to devote time and energy to INTECOL
  • Communication skills
  • What they would bring to the mission and goals of INTECOL within their tenure.

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