Oxford Summer School in Ecological Economics 2023

Environment Europe Foundation is running a new stellar programme in Business Transformation, ESG, Sustainable and Impact Investment and New Sustainable Business Models that will take place 20-26 August 2023 at St Hilda’s College, Oxford. The lineup of speakers includes the absolute stars of the global sustainability movement: John Elkington (Volans), Prof. Robert Eccles (Said Business School, Oxford University) Pia Heidenmark Cook (formerly CSO, IKEA), Prof. Robert Costanza (UCL), Dr Robert Johnson (President, INET and Member of the Advisory Board, Environment Europe Foundation), Guy Janssens (BNP Paribas, and Member of the Advisory Board, Environment Europe Foundation), Prof. Tensie Whelan (NYU Stern), Royston Braganza (CEO, Grameen Impact), Marcello Palazzi (Founder, B-Lab Europe), Dr Joachim Spangenberg (SERI Germany, and Member of the Advisory Board, Environment Europe Foundation), Dr Stanislav Edward Shmelev (Founder and CEO, Environment Europe Foundation).

The course is designed for multiple points of entry and could be helpful for Business CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, PhD and MBA students, government experts, and representatives of international organisations. The programme will be a fruitful and supportive environment to share experience and best practices in sustainable investment & business model transformation. The alumni will become part of the vibrant network of sustainability change makers from 60 different countries and inspire further sustainability transformations for the years to come.

The Oxford, Spring, Summer and Winter Schools in Ecological Economics organised by Environment Europe attracted participants from 60 countries, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Iceland, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Latvia, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, China, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand, including UNDP, UNEP, IUCN, OECD, WWF, GGGI experts as well as representatives of ministries, companies like Deloitte and Shell, NGOs and leading universities.

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