PhD Position – Reducing Working time – Waste

PhD Position Pisa Italy

PhD Position - Reducing Working time - Waste (without wage reduction)

A call for a PhD Position in PISA – ITALY is now OPEN on “A multicriteria framework for Raworth’s doughnuts with a focus on the working time-waste NEXUS“.


Admissions Requirements: Master’s degree (or equivalent) (to be obtained by 20 December 2023).

The SUGGESTED skills for this research topic are: Good knowledge and skills in quantitative economics/econometrics and traditional statistical tools (like PCA). Aquaintance with micro- and macroeconomics, particulary Industrial Organisation and Growth theory.

The candidate will participate in a research on a crucial sustainability puzzles, the working time–waste nexus. Why hasn’t Keynes’ prediction of a sharp reduction in the working week come true? Phenomena like planned obsolescence suggest that the impressive efficiency gains went to increase waste rather than reduce working time (Luzzati et al. 2022).Reducing both working time and waste would simultaneously affect the ecological and social variables of the doughnut.


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