Postdoctoral research position on plural values and equity in biodiversity and ecosystem services governance

The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) offers a full-time Postdoctoral Researcher Position within the project BridgingVALUES, project reference 2021-674 approved by BiodivERsa (the European Biodiversity Partnership) and funded by  MINECO (Proyectos de Colaboración internacional 2022-2 (PCI2022-134982-2)), a 3 year research project co-coordinated by BC3 with consortium partners in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil and South Africa. The position will be associated with BC3’s research Terrestrial Ecosystems research line, under the supervision of Prof Unai Pascual.

Job Description

The researcher will conduct critical literature reviews on the main topics of the project and engage in transdisciplinary empirical research in the case study of the Basque Country. In addition, the postdoc will collaborate with the project partners towards making the case studies comparable to reach the joint deliverables of the project. More generally, the researcher will support the PI (Prof. Unai Pascual) to achieve the scientific objectives of the project, to develop effective and efficient task management and to collaboratively work, publish and disseminate project findings.


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