Senate Climate Action: Not Dead Yet!

Do you know anyone teaching a class in climate and energy this spring? Please pass along this post!  We are organizing great opportunities for students to engage directly with their US Senate offices about climate policy. We do all the work—all faculty need to do is assign attending the call as the best kind of real-world homework.

Unlike health care, climate legislation has the support of a few key Republicans: Graham, Snowe and Collins. So, there remains a short window of action before the mid-term elections to see legislation enacted.

Our call with MICHIGAN Senate staff for Levin and Stabenow is scheduled for next Tuesday February 16th, at 3 PM. We need your help getting EVERYONE you know in MI on those calls. If you know folks in Michigan who we should be alerting to these calls (faculty members, students, college staff, from faith organizations, community members) please let us know! E-mail contacts to us at

We have calls schedule for AK and FL, and are closing in on MO, PA, NY, and NV. We need your help there, and in the other  states in volunteering to convene a call, or just in getting the word out. Our staff will do all the logistical work—contacting Senate staff to set up the calls, soliciting the questions, managing the call. To learn more, give me a call at 845-758-7067, or e-mail us at

These are not lobbying calls, but rather educational dialogues.  Students need to understand the positions held by their representatives. And senators need to know that thousands of young people in their states are looking to them to act with moral responsibility to all life on earth.

Help us get hundreds of students, faculty and staff in dozens of states engaged and tuned into the critical decisions being made in Washington the next few months.

Next Wednesday (2/17) on The National Climate Seminar, join economist Kristen Sheerhan to talk about “Equity and Climate”. Sheerhan is Executive Director of Economists for Equity and Environment (E3 Network), and co-author of a major recent report on the Economics of 350.

Call in number is 712-432-3100; conference code, 253385. Send advance questions for the speakers to

Later in the term: Denis Hayes, Ross Gelbspan, and The Yes Men.

Thanks for the work you are doing.

Eban Goodstein
Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy and National Teach-In on Global Warming


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