Socioecological Transitions and Global Change

Edited by Marnina Fischer-Kowalski and Helmut Haberl, Edward Elgar, May 2007

Contributors include: N. Eisenmenger, K.H. Erb, M. Fischer-Kowalski, C.M. Grunbuhel, H. Haberl, F. Krausmann, J. Ramos Martin, H. Schandl, S.J. Singh
Foreword by Joan Martinez-Alier

This new book analyses fundamental changes in society-nature interaction: the socioeconomic use of materials, energy and land. The volume presents a number of case studies addressing transitions from an agrarian to an industrial socioecological regime, analysed within the materials and energy flow accounting (MEFA) framework. It is argued that by concentrating on the biophysical dimensions of change in the course of industrialization, social development issues can be explicitly linked to changes in the natural environment.


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