Solutions’ Special Issue: Women Shaping Our World

ANNOUNCING Solutions’ Special Issue: Women Shaping Our World

Even as women around the world struggle for equality and basic rights, they may be our most promising chance for change. The current issue of Solutions explores how women from Washington DC to Rwanda to Egypt are challenging their societies and pushing for their rights.

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Women, Islam, and the Push for Reform in the Muslim World by Isobel Coleman

Can Muslim women overcome oppression and pursue education and careers by embracing the very religion that many Westerners believe suppresses them? Islamic feminists say yes.

Struggling for Peace: How Women in Northern Ireland Challenged the Status Quo by Avila Kilmurray and Monica McWilliams

Thirty years of violence in Northern Ireland tore the country apart and killed thousands of people. A coalition of women helped negotiate a cease-fire in 1998 and has worked to keep the peace.

Women Moving Millions: How Female Philanthropists Are Changing the World by Helen LaKelly Hunt

One of the country’s wealthiest women describes the rising power of female philanthropists and how they are using their money to transform the aid world.

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