Vernon Press – Call for book or chapter proposals

Call for book or chapter proposals: Vernon Press launches a series in “Economic Methodology”

Vernon Press invites book proposals on economic methods, broadly construed. All economics-based schools of thought are encouraged to submit. Other disciplines are encouraged to submit, as long as the methods described are applicable to contemporary research in economics.

The past decade has seen many exciting developments in economic methods. The methodological toolbox of economists has both deepened and diversified. Improved methods for handling time series, cross-section, panel and multilevel or hierarchical data are now available. Experimental methods have taken a foothold and contributed to the renaissance of behavioral economics. Input-output analysis has revealed global value chains and has provided a fresh perspective on economic development. IT developments, including a multitude of free, open source software tools have democratized the use of advanced methods. The pervasiveness of the web, the proliferation of sensors and a greater proclivity towards openness and sharing provide many opportunities for novel empirical applications, including vast administrative records, e-commerce transactions, social networks, scientific and technical information and other forms of “Big Data”. As a result, computer programming and database management are skills increasingly used and demanded in current economics research.

However, many of the latest developments have yet to be committed to authoritative reference works. Even for older methods, the key contributions are often scattered in disparate outlets, or remain in a form that is inaccessible to beginners. Our ambition is to develop a book series which reflects the current dynamism and creativity in the field and documents and explains cutting-edge economic methods for postgraduates, academic researchers and professional economists.

We invite proposals across the range of analytical methods, principally quantitative, but also qualitative, discursive and historical drawing from fieldwork, interviews, content analysis or any attempt to document and explain the contemporary “tools of the trade” in economics. While we would expect authors to be applied economists with hands on experience in the application of the described tools, the intended audience may expand well beyond trained economists.

Possible contributions may include (non-comprehensive list):

  • Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models / Computable General Equilibrium models,
  • Econometrics (introductory or advanced) including new estimators, bayesian techniques, non parametric analysis, hierarchical modelling
  • Programming and database development for economists and other social scientists, including the management of Big Data.
  • Companions to data management, analytical and visualization software, including the use of geographical information systems (GIS) for economic analysis.
  • The design of experiments, surveys, web technologies and other data gathering tools.
  • Agent based modeling and microsimulation
  • Forecasting methods, counterfactual simulations, inference and causality
  • Mathematical economics, including works on game theory
  • System dynamics, social network analysis and other methods in understanding complex systems
  • Cliometric techniques, including approaches useful for economic ethnography, institutional analysis, cultural economics
  • Economic analysis of science and technology using bibliometrics, patent analysis, webometrics and altmetrics
  • The construction and use of economic indicators (macroeconomic, health, innovation, happiness, education, trade), including composite indicators
  • Handbooks on statistics and mathematical economics
  • Critical perspectives on economic methods and their impact on epistemology and policy-making

How to submit your proposal

Please submit one-page proposals at including an annotated summary, a short biographical note and (if available) a list of similar titles.

About the publisher

Vernon Press is an independent publisher of scholarly books in the social sciences and humanities. Our mission is to serve the community of academic and professional scholars by providing a visible, quality platform for the dissemination of emergent ideas. We work closely with authors, academic associations, distributors and library information specialists to identify and develop high quality, high impact titles. For more information, visit



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