What We Can

What We Can

by: Clovis Cavalcanti

The years come and go,
life flows.
The days rise clear.
And rise again,
A movement that cannot be halted,
driven by the laws of the Universe.
Harsh laws, unchanging, perfect.

What can we do,
creatures put in this world
— fragile creatures?
Ah! there is much we can do.
Think, fly with thoughts.
Feel the breeze from the east,
the singing of songbirds.
Listen to Beethoven’s Ninth.
We can speak sweet things,
protect the Earth, the planet, the soil
— and everything within them.
We can sow fraternity,
solidarity, justice,
decency, dignity,
Sow embraces, eyes of affection.
We can sow above all
love full, true and visceral.

What We Can

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