2016 International Society for Ecological Economics Board Election Results

CandidatesVoting for the 2016 board elections closed on January 20, 2016. We thank all who agreed to run for the ISEE Election.  The results were very close indeed, particularly for President-Elect, with only one vote between Clovis Cavalcanti and David Barkin. However, history and the ISEE by-laws tell us that one vote is decisive (e.g. 1645: 1 vote gave control of England to Oliver Cromwell…) and we can now announce the successful candidates as follows:

Clóvis Cavalcanti

Members of the Board:
Joshua Farley
Brynhildur Davidsdottir
Rajeswari Raina
Jesus Ramon-Martin
Zhu Daijian
Tatiana Kluvankova
Eva Cudlinova

We hope very much that the candidates who did not prevail this time will remain involved and perhaps will agree to be co-opted into the various committees – there is much to be done, and participation will be greatly appreciated.

Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Sabine O’Hara
Anne C. Aitken
Managing Editor – Ecological Economics
Executive Director – ISEE

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