Ecological Economics at the UN Climate Negotiations (COP-23)

Ecological Economics at the UN Climate Negotiations (COP-23)

If you are planning or would consider going to this year’s climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany to speak publicly about Ecological Economics, one of our members is offering the following opportunity.  Stuart Scott puts together an ad hoc TV program at each annual COP that is called ClimateMatters.TV.  Many examples of shows he’s done are on that website to give you an idea.

Here is a brief introduction to the show.

Stuart would like to focus more on Ecological Economics as a ‘major intervention’ in the climate change problem, and so many others.  He is looking for poised speakers from the EE community be guests on the show.  If you are available and would consider participating, please contact him at for details.

This year the UNFCCC-sponsored climate negotiations run from November 6-17, but you can come for just a few days out of that period.  Stuart would be especially keen on having EE participants who reside in the EU area, to minimize the carbon footprint of this effort to publicize and educate about Ecological Economics.

One Response

  1. I am convinced that EE has a unique perspective for the UN climate-change policies as per politics and cultural values.

    I would be pleased to present the System of Accounts for Global Entropy Production based on the the underlying principles of the G-R’s Flow-Fund Model as per the Entropy Law and the Economic Process. Adopting these principles in the UN Agenda would be the next step forward from the Brundtland which reflects the values of Sustainability which has now been well-established, but is insufficient for the emergent politics of climate change. In any cases if this would be of interest in your Project, pleas contact me.

    cheers Anthony friend


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