Predictive Habitat Suitability Modelling

ECOCHANGE would like to announce the 2nd ECOCHANGE Summer School on “Predictive Habitat Suitability Modelling”, which will take place in Birmensdorf, Switzerland on September 20-24, 2010.

The main course instructors (like last year) will include …

  • Antoine Guisan
  • Wilfried Thuiller
  • Niklaus E. Zimmermann

Additional guest lectures and guest tutorials will include but is not limited to …

  • Miguel Araujo
  • Mar Cabez
  • Nigel Yoccoz

The course will be taught exclusively in R and participants will additionally get familiar with the BIOMOD ensemble modelling environment.

We have a set of reserved ECOEXCHANGE seats for PhDs and Postdocs of the ECOCHANGE project. If you have interested members of your group, please indicate that you are ECOCHANGE-internal.

To download the brochure click here.

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  1. My name is Fikadu TUra. I am working for adama city adminstrationhere in Oromia regional state in Ethiopia.I am attending international Environmental law of course .But my ecological science understanding should be better.That becouse I have a beautiful ecological research project on very amusinf and miraclious bird in my sarounding. The small bird named muke,supplies the local community information where wild honey is located in the forest,holes in the rocks and in the caves where indivisuals can not easly find it.The histry is wide.THe problem is that plus to the very low in number in the ecosystem by nature ,the bird muke is under the shadow of extenct becouse of rapid defforestation and habitit lose.Fuilre in understandingv among the ecologist and environmentalist in Ethiopia and the saronding is an other problem .My intention is to make the bird publisized,conserved and promote the ecological and informative economics the the endangered birb. Please your course (your gathering in late september) helps me to make contact with you for farther technical support and better understand in ecoloical relation and economics.And there fore invite me on such very important event.
    Thank You!!!
    Fikad TUra… from Ethiopia

  2. Iwould like to participate in Environment based useful trainign of 15 days to 1 month but how? and wherer, could you help me?

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