Report from Stuart Scott regarding Vatican Internship

Report from Stuart Scott regarding the Internship at the Vatican:

I would like to start this new year’s blank slate off on a very ‘up’ note.  As you may or may not be aware, an outgrowth of Clóvis Cavalcanti’s and my interaction with the Holy See (‘the Vatican’ in common parlance), Cardinal Turkson requested that the ISEE perhaps find an intern to work with him in the Dicastery for Integral Human Development, of which he is head (prefect).  However, Cardinal Turkson was asking if the ISEE could find support for his living expenses as he did not have the budget for such.

Having put together a posting which outlined the opportunity well, the very first person to reply – Nick Fitzpatrick – was a perfect fit.  And since he could continue his Ph.D. studies while he was doing the internship, he only needed the apartment covered.

My colleague, Rob Harding, was able to locate a benefactor who is covering that expense.

After the internship started to materialize quickly, I realized that not only would Nick be a resource on-site for the Holy See, but he could provide a channel to the messaging of Pope Francis for what I envisioned as a ‘circle of elders’ of the ISEE.  A very impressive group has been formed to communicate with Nick to give regular input of thoughts and ideas – including Malte Faber, Arild Vatn, Peter Victor, Bob  Costanza, Herman Daly, Bill Rees, Richard Norgaard, Kate Pickett, and many others participating in various ways.

Note: Stuart Scott is facing serious surgery (


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