September 24 Deadline for COP-24

Posted by Stuart Scott, ISEE Strategist 

COP24 UNFCCC September 24


This year the ISEE has been granted provisional* Observer status to the UNFCCC climate negotiations.  I applied for this status, with Anne Aitken’s assistance, and I am now the DCP (Designated Focal Point) for the ISEE delegation.  I would like to construct a delegation of strong speakers from the ISEE to be submitted to the FCCC, and to create the Climate Matters programs that I do each year at the COPs for the past several years.

Since the FCCC only grants a ‘quota’ as a percentage of the number of people I submit as part of a delegation, the more names that are submitted, the greater the quota we will receive.

I would therefore appreciate the cooperation of the ISEE and the regional societies proximate to the EU (this year’s COP is in Katowice, Poland).

This needs to be done with all due haste since there is a deadline of September 24 for me to submit our delegation. 

I need a copy of the information page of the passport of each proposed attendee, as well as their email address, in order to glean the required information I need to put each person on our delegation.  Having the additional information of the title, department and institution of each proposed delegate will assist us in getting a higher quota I believe.

Please reach out to me at

* Provisional status will be converted to permanent Observer status at this year’s COP.  It is a formality.


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