Limits to Growth Event

Limits to Growth


  • Leadership for the Ecozoic
  • The Gund Institute for Environment
  • The Academy for Systems Change (formerly knows as the Donella Meadows Project)
  • Rethinking Economics UVM

It’s been 50 years since the Limits to Growth (LtG) report, sponsored by the Club of Rome, became one of the top-selling environmental titles ever published, with more than 30 million copies sold in 30 languages. In the early 1970s, MIT’s Jay Forrester assembled a team of up-and-coming experts in the emergent field of complex systems that included Donella Meadows, Dennis Meadows, Jørgen Randers, and William Behrens III to uncover the system dynamics of what would happen if humanity allowed unconstrained population and economic growth in a biophysically finite planet. 50 years later, humanity is faced with increasing ecological and social crises that merit revisiting the warnings in LtG to envision and realize systems change that can enable us to achieve a just sustainability transformation to a right-sized economy in this decade of action.

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